Tritton signs strategic partnership with Chinese e-sports club SSS


        The leading gaming peripherals manufacturer Tritton has just announced a new strategic partnership with the Chinese E-sports club Super Survivor Squad (SSS). As an official sponsor of SSS’s PUBG team, Tritton will provide professional audio equipment to help the team improve its performance at major championships.

TRITTON signs strategic partnership with Chinese e-sports club SSS

As Tritton's General Manager for Greater China explained, “We admire the gaming strategy and team spirit of the SSS club”. “Linli 'NB211' Zhou was one of China’s first professional PUBG players. We were very impressed by his shooting skills. His SSS team has an innovative, perfectionist mindset, which makes them an ideal partner. We hope to work together with SSS to promote the development of the Chinese esports industry. ”

TRITTON signs strategic partnership with Chinese e-sports club SSS

The SSS team currently includes the following players:

Linli'SSS.NB211' Zhou

Bin 'SSS.RyaNNNNNN' Jiang



Tritton will provide SSS players with ARK Elite 7.1 Surround Sound headsets and invite them to participate in the development of new products. SSS members will also be among the first to receive new Tritton products, which are designed for a wide range of gaming needs and applications.


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        Tritton is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of gaming peripherals. It is committed to designing innovative products that provide a better gaming experience. 

        It specialises in gaming headsets for a wide range of platforms, including Xbox, PS4, NS, Windows, Mac and mobile devices. Thanks to its cutting-edge audio technology and stylish designs, sales of Tritton gaming headsets have increased rapidly in North America and Europe. In 2017, Tritton ranked first and second in the North American and European markets (in terms of sales volumes).

        Tritton is committed to developing more revolutionary products for the global market. In addition to gaming headsets, it also plans to expand its range of other gaming peripherals.

About SSS

TRITTON signs strategic partnership with Chinese e-sports club SSS

        Super Survivor Squad (SSS) is a professional PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) team. It was founded on 15 July 2018 by player Linli‘NB211’Zhou . The team’s logo is an eagle, which is designed to symbolize freedom and victory. Its players have extensive gaming experience, and it consistently ranks among the top teams in the PUBG rankings.

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