A former professional CS:GO player, Xuefeng 'XF' Lai transitioned into livestreaming and commentating after a decorated stint with Tyloo. One of the more colorful personalities in the CS:GO community, XF is respected for his decorated career as a professional gamer, ability to explain high-level gameplay in layman's terms, and attention-grabbing commentary.

XF's awards and accolades include:

       2008 CIG Champion

  2009 IEF Champion

  2009 WCG China Champion

  2010 WCG China Champion

  2010 IEF Champion

  2011 WCG China Champion

  2011 CSOLK1 Champion

  2012 ECL Season1 Champion

  2012 ECL Season3 Champion

  2012 WCG China Champion

  2012 ECL Season4 Champion

  2012 ECL Champion

       2012 WCG Champion

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