• About us
    About us

    Tritton is a leading gaming peripherals manufacturer. We are committed to designing innovative products that provide a better gaming experience. Formerly a subsidiary of the US gaming peripherals manufacturer Mad Catz, we are now an independent company. Before our acquisition by Mad Catz, Tritton was already a leading audio equipment manufacturer.


    We specialize in gaming headsets for a wide range of platforms, including Xbox, PS4, NS, Windows, Mac and mobile devices. Thanks to our cutting-edge audio technology and stylish designs, sales of our gaming headsets have increased rapidly in North America and Europe. In 2017, TRITTON ranked first and second respectively in sales volume in North American and European markets.

  • Brand vision
    Brand vision

    At Tritton, we aim to combine the latest trends in gaming fashion with the most innovative technology. Tritton's products are characterized by their sleek, modern design and sophisticated technology, which provide a stylish way to enjoy the highest echelons of gaming. Our product designers constantly innovate to supply consumers with the highest quality and most recognizable products available.

  • Brand Culture
    Brand Culture

    Our brand was founded with the goal of bringing the sleekest designs and best technology together. In addition to offices in North America, Europe and Asia, Tritton also owns an R&D center in the US and a manufacturing facility in China.

    We are committed to developing innovative audio solutions. We hope that our passion will inspire other electronics manufacturers. The dedicated community of Esports fans provides the ideal platform for us to showcase our new products. Given our strong track record of driving new trends, we are confident that we will continue to play a leading role in gaming fashion.

  • Product design concepts
    Product design concepts

    Tritton's products are innovative and practical. Usability is one of our most important design concepts. All of our products are designed with the end user in mind.


    Each product has a clear positioning strategy and target market. We have a wide range of products, all of which have proved immensely popular with their target markets.


    Though our products vary in capabilities, this devotion to providing for consumers is a constant. We are constantly updating and refining our product line with the newest and most visually striking designs to challenge accepted conventions.

您有在以下时段(从您购买产品日期开始)内获得TRITTON有限质保支持的资格: 全新产品具有以上列出的有限质保期。您的质保期可能取决于所在地区的当地法律 而变化。某些停产产品和脱销产品可能具有较短的质保期;这会在购买的时候清楚地标 明,指定 有限质保期会在当时予以声明。工厂翻新产品将有90天的保修期。如果您不确 定您的产品是否有获得TRITTON有限质保支持的资格,请在这里联络我们的技术支持团 队以便获得更多信息。
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TRITTON is a globally recognized manufacturer of gaming peripherals dedicated to providing premium peripheral solutions to enhance the player's gaming experience. “Leading the fashion trend of players” is the brand development vision.
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